Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to the Tampa Business Center and we do our best to protect it. This statement of privacy regulations applies to the online information that appears collected and published on our website.

This website contains links to websites maintained and managed by other parties. It is important that you consider this.

The information we collect from our subscribers or business owners when registering on the web (email and physical addresses, owners’ names) will not be shared with others. We do not sell, rent or trade in any way the information of this data.

The information available to all will be that which each subscriber set up in his profile when creating the offers for his potential customers.

The missing contact data in the customer registration process may mean that the process was not successful and therefore will not have access to the services.

We are not responsible in any way for the lack of information or distorted content that appears in the pages of the businesses. Each business owner or the webmaster that he assigns, will be responsible for the information, both textual and graphic, visible.

If you receive an update alert regarding offers, coupons or contact requests from the electronic addresses of Tampa Virtual Center, it is because you agreed to subscribe to the alert system of one or more businesses.

The Tampa Virtual Center platform has implemented appropriate security measures to help keep your information safe from unauthorized use or access.

Despite all these measures, we can not guarantee that unauthorized persons will not have access to shield our system. If you have any questions regarding this practice, please contact us.